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Television, Film &
Live Shows

With dynamic lectures, brilliant visuals, interactive presentations, and demonstrations of mind over matter using fire arts, presentations and television appearances from Morgan are like none other. She has graced television screens across the world, live stages as a keynote presenter, been the centre of ticketed dinner theatre events and galas, spiritual and empowerment conventions, comic fan expos, as well as fundraising events for museums and historical centres. 
Morgan is available for both live and online events and filming.

She can currently be seen on networks such as T+E, Destination America, The Travel Channel, CBC, CTV, Planete+, TLC, Crime + Investigation, Celestial Tiger networks, and COAST TO COAST AM. Morgan is a resident expert on "HAUNTED HOSPITALS", "PARANORMAL 911" and "A HAUNTING". "Haunted Hospitals" screamed to the top as the number one Discovery Channel show in the UK in it's first season and all shows are still going strong seasons later. Morgan can also be heard on "SUPERNATURAL CIRCUMSTANCES", the podcast she co-hosts, writes and produces with Dark Poutine True Crime star, Mike Browne. It launched in October 2021 as a Curiouscast from Corus Entertainment and Apple.

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