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Exorcism in Film & Television

Since the inception of one of the most frightening films of all time, The Exorcist, exorcism has fascinated and frightened audiences across cultures and has been featured in films such as Paranormal Activity, Ghostbusters, Harry Potter, The Conjuring, and television shows like Supernatural, Psi Factor, and The X-Files.
Film and television has put these strange and bizarre traditions on display for the world and the films have become rooted in our pop culture fantasies... but where does it come from? Is it myth, truth, or simply Hollywood legend? 

Hosted by award winning paranormal researcher Morgan Knudsen (HAUNTED HOSPITALS, PARANORMAL 911, A HAUNTING, SUPERNATURAL CIRCUMSTANCES,  ENTITYSEEKER), we will explore the true cases behind the famous films THE EXORCIST, THE RITE, and THE CONJURING, and begin to separate fact from fiction in the mysterious blended world of science, entertainment, and the strange and weird practices that have captured the imagination of audiences across the world.

Great for events, gatherings, corporate, team building, and more!

Minimum of 10.  Ages 12+

Featured at events across Canada at FanEXPO



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