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Consulting Services

Morgan Knudsen employs several techniques to elevate productions in the paranormal/spiritual genre for television, brands, and businesses alike. As an award-winning paranormal researcher and educator with over two decades of experience, she brings a unique perspective to her work. Knudsen's approach includes:

-Paradigm-shifting programs: She introduces innovative concepts and methodologies that challenge conventional thinking in paranormal investigations and psychology. 

-Engaging presentation style: Her ability to captivate audiences helps make paranormal/parapsychology content more accessible and interesting.


-Expert insights: Drawing from her extensive experience, Knudsen provides valuable insights that enhance the depth and credibility of productions.

-Educational approach: She focuses on elevating knowledge, which likely translates to more informative and substantive content in television shows.

-Cross-platform expertise: Knudsen's experience spans television, podcasts, and live speaking engagements, allowing her to bring diverse perspectives to productions.

By incorporating these techniques, Morgan Knudsen helps guide television productions to create more compelling, informative, and successful paranormal & spiritual content. She is also currently the production consultant for Blue Ant Media.

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Morgan collaborates with other producers and directors in several ways:

-Podcast co-hosting: Knudsen co-hosts and produces the "Supernatural Circumstances" podcast with Mike Browne (Dark Poutine podcast), partnering with Corus Entertainment.

-Television appearances: She has been featured on and hosted numerous TV shows and specials across various networks, including Discovery Channel, T+E, Destination America, Travel Channel, and others. 

-Production roles: Knudsen takes on multiple roles in productions, including director, writer, and producer, particularly for projects like the online mini-series "Spiritual Healthcare".

-Live Shows: Morgan is a partner with FAN EXPO and presents programs and tours for fans every year. Her live show RITUAL was named one of the Top 5 Things to Do in Vancouver in 2020 by the Vancouver Sun.

-Cross-platform content creation: She creates content for television, podcasts, live events, and print media (contributing to Haunted Magazine), indicating collaboration with diverse media professionals such as Blue Ant Media, Sphere Media, and Saloon Media, among others.

-Educational programs: Knudsen's "Teaching the Living" investigative program is practiced in three countries and incorporated into social work and psychology courses, suggesting collaboration with educational institutions.

Through these various endeavors, Morgan Knudsen demonstrates a collaborative approach, working with other industry professionals to create and deliver spiritual/parapsychological-themed content and advice across multiple platforms.


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